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10 Years From Now…[Part 3]


So, to recap Part I and Part II of this series,

I basically equated one of my teachers with a well-intended, roid-raging version of Mr. Keating from Dead Poets Society.

Ya, that’s a pretty rough metaphor. So, “Dr. Reality Check,” if these posts somehow make their way back to you…….(as they inevitably do in small towns)…ummmm….you can tell it however you want, when you make your own blog. I’m just doing what you taught me. Sorry, but you knew this day was coming when you enticed me into taking an extra course, “for fun”. Yes, I’m grinning as I write this.

But in all fairness, I’ll admit, it was one of the most important classes I took in college.  And inspired a blog post a year later. I’d call that a compliment. (I see the meaning of it all now. Hey, better late than never)


As I was saying,

It turns out, this class had a lot more to do with life than I thought. [See part 2 for backstory]

We only hated him because it resembled life all too well.


Life is a lot like Dr. Reality Check’s second question

#1: What do you want to be in life? What are your highest aspirations, if nothing stood in the way?

[Give essay answer]


#2:Now list 10 specific steps you will take to get from here to there.


We face these impasses, after a ridiculous amounts of training and motivational speeches, without a plan, and go……

“Ohhhh. Shit.     I got nothin.”

Not because you don’t sincerely want a real solution, but because you have always relied on the “right answer.”

Generic quick-fixes have a funny way of never being directly applicable to our life. In the real world, you have to think for yourself and want things for yourself. Nobody else can administer the motivation. There are no presets. There are no fill-in-the-bubble quizzes. And, sadly, the majority of us don’t realize this until its too late.

Way too late.

It sounds simple…because well, it is. The first part always is, remember? You read this and probably mutter, “Yayayah. I know. This is nothing new.” But this isn’t about reading something on a computer screen and changing your life. I’m not that conceited. Hell, I won’t even pretend to give you advice like that. Its near impossible. But mostly, I just won’t. It’s not up to me. You have to want it for yourself.

I will just settle to be your inspiration. That’s it. That’s all I can do for you. I just want to show you through actions and not just words— the important part. The second part. Your goals, dreams, aspirations. And the stuff down deep you haven’t even uttered out loud, much less to someone else. The stuff you think is impossible, so you try not to dwell on it more than a few meager, depressing seconds.

Like the screaming teacha’ suggested,

Write it.

Write all those things down. Even if you don’t show anybody at first.

But most importantly do it. Until you get it onto paper, it’s just theoretical, swirling around with your daydreams of a mid-afternoon nap and Reese’s cups, with hardly a speck of chance to be realized.



You can’t step forward on stones that haven’t even been laid out!


#1 Reason: It stops feeling imaginary. It becomes a possibility.

#2. It reminds you of your goals, everyday. Which you’ll find is really helpful for the times of hopelessness. (Post it on the bathroom mirror?)

#3. It makes it easier to verbalize, to construct, to explain, to share with a trusted and close friend.

Confiding in that someone, sharing your vision is a double-whammy, a 1-2 punch to the gut/ego. They will hold you accountable, but will also encourage you or offer helpful suggestions (unless you have that sarcastic best friend who likes to motivate you by insulting you, calling you sissy and whatnot). It’s a balance. So pick someone who knows you. They’ll be like a doubt-fighting sidekick. But without the tights. (unless you want, ladies)


So, this part isn’t even about the faith of “stepping stones”. You aren’t there yet. This is (figuratively speaking) about mapping your route on paper, road by road, instead of just pointing to a state, mouth dumbly gaping, shouting “I want to be there….”.

You’ll be surprised by how it makes those far-away dreams seem a little more real, and just a tad bit closer. And this doesn’t even have to do with your school or job, necessarily. I’m talking about bigger things. What is it you want to do, to make a difference? outside the 9-5 everybody works. [If your biggest aspiration is a job, you need bigger goals. If you don’t believe me, see Kid President.]

What impact do you want to have, beyond just showing up and punching in the right answer, to get you by?

I don’t want to just “get by.” I want to live a radical, interesting story– one you can’t even attempt to nod off to. I don’t want the usual “solution” for my problems, or to embrace the status quo, just because that’s what we were taught. 


Following my own advice

Big announcement for my friends (and acquaintances/followers): In the upcoming months, I will be preparing to chase after my dreams, instead of just talking about them. Real preparations for a NON-hypothetical adventure. Rather than just whining about unpleasant circumstances and what I wish I could do, I’m going to make radical changes. I’m just going to do it.

Whether or not I succeed, is not the point. Whether I leave this chair, instead only writing about them, IS.

south Texas.
January 2013

This spring, I’m going to be embarking on an epic, solo road-trip across America. On foot. For a couple months. This is something I’ve been planning for a while now.  

At the lowest point in my life…..l want to show you this leap of faith IS possible.

And I will- show you- not with words, but with actions. I will follow through on my own advice, which as we know is the hardest thing to do. I will abandon all my fears, knowing it “only goes up from here”. I will continue with my project of complete honesty and traversing the unknown, no matter where it leads.

You can keep me accountable and encourage me.

I reached a point where I want to stop talking about my desires in life, and start chasing them.
Funny how, all of a sudden, when you have to flesh out that second question Mr. Reality Check asks, the realization hits:

We’re scared to actually go after some lofty goal. It’s easier to shoot the shit. Trying means failing is an option.

But I’d rather have 1 small dream I’m actually living out, no matter how insignificant, than die having 100 unfulfilled, lofty dreams.

It’s the illusion of actually living that kills us. Sometimes, it’s the talking about dreams that kills us. Because that’s all it ever ends up being. Talk. And more self-doubt. And excuses.


But, 10 years from now, do you still want to be making excuses?


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Visual Design: Intentionally Invoking the Senses

So, my communication teacher wants to know why I picked the layout colors of my blog.

Let me address this in the most possibly meandering way I can.

I don’t usually think about it consciously — why I like the certain aesthetic properties I do.

I know, I know – we’re a visual culture… and it’s kind of my job. I kick myself, “Shouldn’t I already know this?” I really should start paying more attention.

so here goes.

Well, for starters, I was given some pretty awesome tips from my South Africa director, Justin Zoradi, about the art of simplicity.  [ — he’s also a really great, recognized writer! Check him out!]Justin Zoradi

I’ve been thinking about making a website for my photography.

One of my graphic designer friends, Tiffany, said she imagined my website would be something which would look…..clean. (hence the plain wood & tan/grey background). Ya, I like that. Keep It Simple Stupid, right? But seriously, simplicity and ease of access is what we aim for in our culture, right?

By the way, Justin’s blog is a perfect example of this kind of professional layout, better than mine.  He really “gets it,” as we like to say.

Well, aside from the “graphic design bifocals” I have to admit I often see through as a communication major,…. I just really dig the look of the wood paneled background.

The house I live in right now was built in the 1930’s. It’s really old. In fact, it had push tube electricity when we moved inIf you don’t know what that is….there’s a good reason. It’s not allowed anymore. Something about houses catching on fire because of the thin, exposed wiring….

but anyways, it’s a beautiful, rustic 7 bedroom house, completely wood flooring. It’s got that awesome distressed quality to it. It’s the kind of stuff you just can’t fake. Only the years gone by produce that smell and feel.

I guess, it kind of takes me back to another time period when I enter the front door. It’s like a portal to another world. We tried to keep the majority of the house (minus kitchen appliances) the same when we restored it.

and the photoshop edited banner “Wordplay Revolution”?….well that’s my creative techie/ graphic art side coming out. I used to have a blog called “The revolution” or something. Can’t remember.

The picture on the banner?

Oh, wait this is a good story. (remember, behind every picture is a story)

I took that picture on a road trip with my dear friend and mentor, Andrew.

It was a snowy day. The first fall of the winter actually. Well, half sleet, depending where you were in Oklahoma. It was Thanksgiving. I didn’t have a family to spend it with, so he invited me up to Oklahoma City to eat with his family. We took the back roads – the whole way. He said I could take as long as I wanted and we could stop every time I wanted a picture. There was no rules. No schedule. No time deadlines. We could take as long as we wanted and do whatever we wanted along the way. My reaction was like a little kid high on a multiple bags of skittles.  This creative junkie was about to get 150 miles of endless fixes.

UM HELLO! Have you met me?! haha I’m not sure if you’ve ever ridden in the car with me….but I hope you don’t plan on getting there anytime soon.

Needless to say, Andrew is a good friend.


I guess, that banner picture means a lot to me because it brings with it that familial sense of longing. It automatically takes me back to the bitter frost of that oddly half-sunny Oklahoma day, his red truck, abruptly shaken from my depressed weekend I had planned to spend by myself, to Andrew’s phone call, pulling me from the couch and promising we’d stop to get syrupy french toast somewhere along the way

I can remember… standing in the middle of the lonely highway for a good photo as he watched for oncoming cars, mother nature’s science experiment of orange leaves still trapped under the flash freeze, the smell of coffee and cigarettes with every stop, 40’s bop raging on the radio in between long conversations, warming my numb hands in front of the heater, his mom’s home cooking and family albums, watching the sunset and backyard bird-feeders — feeling completely content after an awesome day. Feeling….safe. Happy. Relieved and removed from all the complicated mess of my life…..even if just for a day.

It was a simple day really. By any standard. Just a road trip. Nothing fancy. Nothing elaborate that would strike most people as particularly “memorable”. Just…simple.

But sometimes I have to remind myself…..I need simple.

We all do.

It’s a welcome relief for our eyes and heart, from all the stressful, twisted mess of our complicated lives.

As a general rule, good design is simple and easy.


But I’m a very “visual” person, and this is my blog, so I’m biased.

So all ask your opinion– does it have that calming effect on you? Even if for a completely different reason.

What does the layout make you think of?

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