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My Eskimo.


I feel like my whole life, there’s always been an Eskimo standing in my way.

Thinking about my last blog, We All Have Our Eskimos , and the longer portion of the journey I’m about to take, it’s made me gratefully reflect on how much of the road I’ve already traveled.

When you are discouraged, weary, or looking for the last bit of strength to keep going forward, take a moment to look back at how far you’ve come.


Why, David?

Why do I “have” to do this? Am I unstable? Am I “throwing it all away”?

Honestly I try not to laugh out loud when you ask those questions. I can hear the fear in your voice. You have so much, it seeps out and bleeds onto everyone else you “worry for”. In fact, you have so much fear in your life, that you have cast it on to me, expecting “the more the merrier” in your desperate club, seeking to convert more members.

No, this was a very deliberate and necessary decision.

Let me say this instead: it really isn’t anything new for me.  (hence the Boy Meets World article & quote)

I barely made it through high school without getting kicked out on the street, 2 or 3 times.

I decided to stick it out, bite my tongue, and try to stay –because even at 16, I knew there was nothing more to that kind of freedom than a decade of uneducated minimum wage labor, living in a crappy apartment, with no true way out. A high school dropout, fighting to just survive.I’d essentially be stuck there too. And I didn’t want to just survive. I wanted to thrive. I wanted to live. So, I truly do understand how people get to that kind of hopeless place in life, where people look down on them and see them as lazy or not contributing to society. I was almost that story.

I have compassion for those people we think of as the bottom of the drip pan, holding out their tongue for the good graces of “trickle down theory” because of the unique perspective my I’ve been so graciously  “given” through my life’s challenges. I am always reminded of
the introduction of a book I first read around the same time: The Great Gatsby

“In my younger and more vulnerable years, my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since. ‘Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”

Now this isn’t a plea for you to pity the downtrodden. I don’t know what your worldview is. And I get that most people don’t agree with me. In America, we believe that most anybody (clear of a life threatening debilitation) should be able to “make it” on their own, without help from anybody. It’s the Rockefeller story that we repeat over and over, saying “anybody could do that!”.

But, I ‘m not going to argue that point right now. I just want to make the distinction that the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps, boy!” mentality is a larger pill to swallow for some, because other people have it easy and this sounds like a simple solution. They never had to fight for anything. Everything was given to them.

That said, here’s the real simple distinction, a precursor to that statement: It’s just plain harder for some than others. Obviously, I believe in taking control of your life. That’s always been my view, which dictates most of history.

I was talking to my friend DJ the other day, who is trying out for the NFL, and he said, “You know man, it’s like this: most of these kids had it easy. They went to Ivy League or huge state schools with a paid tuition from their daddy or a scholarship. I went to a small town Oklahoma school and paid for it without getting any scholarships. They played on prime-time TV and didn’t have to worry about getting signed after college. I’m 25 and just now gettin my shot. So I feel you. Ya, it’s taken me longer, but you know what, I wouldn’t trade it for anything; it makes me try that much harder. It gives me my edge. It will be my story to tell. It’s made me fight for what I want. Someday, you’ll tell that story too, David. ”

But let me put it this way: How big are the boots? And how heavy are they? Are the straps frayed and prone to breaking, every damn time you think you’ve got a good grip?



My Story

I was told I would never “make it,” living on my own. That I would never amount to anything.

I had worked a formal job since the day I turned 15, paying for my own stuff. So, after high school, with my earnings, I moved to Oklahoma, not knowing a single soul. I started over. I created a whole new life, building from nothing. I faced my fears head on, determined to prove everyone wrong.

I was determined to prove this impossible wrong. Failure was not an option on the table.

Looking back at all the friends and connections I have in that small Okie town, it’s hard to believe I had the stones to suddenly pack up and move there at 18, with no guarantees. But I did. And not only that, I thrived.

People told me I would never go to college or become anything in life. Well, as I prepare to graduate, I can hardly believe it myself.

My dad told me I wasn’t smart enough to go to school. So I tried that much harder. At first, to prove him wrong….but then because I really started to enjoy it. I found out……I wasn’t dumb. I actually loved learning…..and was a really good student. In addition to school work, I took flying classes through the school’s aviation department and soloed, gaining many hours afterwards– a very literal feeling of independence I still do not take for granted, though I haven’t flown a plane in 3 years. It taught me so many things about myself and what I was truly capable of. The sky is the limit.

I taught myself poetry. I taught myself writing. I taught myself photography.

I had to pay my way through college, with no idea how the hell this would happen. Well, I not only held down work and school, but started doing photography, in addition.

I bought my own equipment and my Sophomore year I quit a really good job I had in radio to open up my business, David Reagan Photography, officially. Full time.

Yeah, I was scared to death. Just when I was startin to build up all my “safety nets,” I began to tear them down again. In my head, I thought, “What are you doing??!!” But I knew it had to be done. You have no idea how scary it is to open a business and have only yourself to blame. If you fail and bills don’t get paid. There is no hourly wage guarantee to calculate your budget, whether you’ll make rent. This made me self-reliant and matured me in ways I can’t even tell you. Last year, I photographed Miss Teen Texas, a model, and was hired to go on a photo assignment to South Africa.

I not only overcame my vast distrust of people, but I learned to open up and let people love me– and love them back. I found communities that accepted me and told me I was vital to them. This was huge for me. I came from a place where I didn’t feel wanted, where I closed myself off and looked out for only myself, because I had quickly learned that was the only way to survive in the “real world”.

Facing Fears

Though I still have many fears to conquer (re-conquer).

Okay, honesty time. Here’s a few:

Fear of hardship.  I crave my bed after little sleep, a long, stressful 9 hour day of work and physical exhaustion at the gym. And I absolutely love hot showers. But I’ll have neither of those luxuries on my trip.

Fear of vulnerability.  I have a fear of women, putting myself out there to love and be loved again. (This is one I need to re-learn) But it’s hard to be vulnerable when you’ve been cheated on. I feel as if, in some ways, I’m back where I was graduating high school. BUT this time, I’m facing it with an awareness it’s there.

Fear of logistics.  unknown places if you will. Mostly because I’m horrible at navigation and reading maps. This kind of will have to change. haha

Fear of dying.  My friend asked me this weekend if I was prepared to die . Gotta face that. Damn.

Fear of hunger. I keep having nightmares (thanks to all of you constantly telling me!) I might find myself stranded in between cities without food. (also water)

Fear of nature’s ugly sister. Snakes and all the things that go bump in the night….when you’re camping by yourself!

Fear of public image.  People will think I’m crazy. Like literally insane. I worry about what people think wayy too much, even to this day.

Fear of loneliness. Undoubtedly this one will be faced, with so much time on my hands. It’s unique because most of society keeps themselves so busybusybusy they never have to listen to their own thoughts. Often, we’re scared of that part raw, smothered part of ourselves and attempt to fill all our free time and head space with white noise.

Fear of failure?


Why It’s not “easy,” even for me

For clarification,

I’m not writing this from the position of “having nothing to lose” and just want to take a fun little trip. No. That’s all wrong. It scares the hell out of me. I had the most to lose. I still do. I was the least likely person to ever embrace this. I had the ideal set up, with a town, friends, a self-employed job, connections, and money. But giving it all up….is what drove me– facing every fear and “impossibility”.

In fact, just a couple weeks ago, a friend and I were talking about the different “safety nets” we create and tell ourselves we need. I told him about the trip. He responded, “Ya, that’s easy for you, but you have nothing to lose. I could never do that.”

I stopped. “Wait, what do you mean?”

“Well….don’t take this the wrong way David, but I think you’re at a great point in your life where you have no obligations. It’s prime- You’re staying at your grandparent’s, about to graduate, working at a crappy grocery store, and see yourself as having nothing to lose, as you leave for this adventure. Am I right?”

I looked him square in the eye.  “No. Ben, you’ve got it all wrong. You really don’t know why I’m here, do you? Understand, I’m here, talking to you right now…because I’ve already lost everything. Actually, everything is at stake. The journey began months ago when I moved away from everything I’ve ever known. This is simply the first stop. That’s why I’m in South Texas. “

I’m at a crossroads in my life. And standing still, not choosing any path, will get me run over. It’s not the trip I fear, but the idea of never chancing to take it. That’s what kills me.


Summary of the past 2 month’s blogs

I relate to you. The aimless, the apathetic, the burnt out, the poor, the smart and the uneducated,  the proud, the distinguished, the lost, the weary-eyed tech gazers, the displaced 21st gen. who do not resemble the hobos after the 20’s depression any longer.

They look more like the post-graduates of the show “workaholics,” toiling under a job they hate, under massive loans, under a boss they hate, doing meaningless entry-level work….because they see no other way out. [This is the aimless generation of America. But in the disguise of prosperous times and modern safety-net systems. No child left behind, right? Eh?]

I see our generation wandering in a different way than the Jack Kerouac’s of the 30’s, who literally struck out on the road, searching for purpose. I see our generation as those who treat career jobs like shitty minimum wage jobs, because we have only been taught to show up and log in the hours. We have been taught that was admirable, expected, and the only choice. We were not told, however, to put forth meaningful work, to chase after our passions and enjoy what we do.

Where do you picture yourself 10 years from now? What do you want to be able to tell your friends (or kids) you’ve done? Yes, these are allowed to be intangible achievements too. All the better. Write a bucket list. I promise you won’t regret it. Hell, there might even be an app for that these days. I don’t know. At your 50th year reunion, what do you want to tell those bald, wrinkly, beer-bellied jocks you did? (Pssst. I’m going to venture out and take a guess that your priorities will be completely different from high school. Just sayin. Make it good, not cop-out stuff like “shag Mary-jo”)

The point is, if you’re putting off your dreams right now, because something is in the way, “for the moment,” you’ll still be waiting when you’re 70. Because something will always be standing in your way. There will always be an Eskimo, resting atop the billboard scrawled with your passions, taunting your dreams which seem oh-so-close, blocking your way. There will always be an excuse. There will always be “something to finish up,” or a job, or a friend, or a critic, or a place….which you can’t seem to leave yet, due to “responsibilities” or what you “should” do.



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We All Have Our Eskimos

Ladies, you’re welcome for this picture of Rider Strong, the feature of this post. Eat your hearts out.

“We All Have Our Eskimos”   3-19-13

Interestingly enough, this episode is centers around Shawn. And while that is unusual for this show, I found myself in his story like you wouldn’t believe. When I first watched it, my mouth dropped open–I know there are a couple serious episodes in every season, but I was surprised at how “real” they kept the storyline.


[Boy Meets World: Season 5 episode 13]

Opening scene: “That’s impossible.”

Mr Feeny, returning graded essays to the class, says, “An interesting thing happened when I was grading this assignment Mr. Hunter. Yours wasn’t there.” {insert Feeny-ish dry sarcasm}

Before Shawn or anyone can even breathe, Cory sticks up for him, “Oh, oh- I can explain that!…” and makes some excuse about how they think so much alike they turned in one paper. Mhmm.

So Mr. Feeny gives them a “B”.

Then divides it by 2. Which is a “D” each for them.

Cory: HEY!

Shawn:  Still fair, still fair.  {laughter}

Cory:  C’mon! It’s senior year! Why are you being so tough with your assignments?

Mr. Feeny, getting frustrated, responds, “Fine! Make it two “F”s!”

Of course you know Topanga has to butt in: “No don’t fail them!….’F’s will haunt you for the rest of your career”

Cory says it doesn’t matter because they’ve all turned in their college applications……right? Wrong. Shawn speaks up. He hasn’t. Cory, quickly whipping around in his chair say, “What?! I filled them out for you!”

Shawn sullenly says, “What’s the point? People like me don’t go to college. Even if I get in, how am I going to afford it? There are so many things standing in the way…. (pause)

……Why are we doing all these assignments anyways? What else is there to learn?”


Cory echoes this statement, trying to back him up, but only digging a deeper hole.

-longer awkward silence-

Mr. Feeny, with a grave face, asks the entire class to leave, except them two.

Topanga chimes  in again, begging him not to fail Cory and Shawn. Feeny says, “You better stay too you little control freak.”

Turning to Shawn, Feeny states, “I want this assignment brought to my house by 5 o’clock today.

Shawn, with wide eyes, retorts “5 o’clock? That’s impossible!”

Uh oh. Feeny no likey. Shawn sarcastically blubbers to Cory, “Why doesn’t he just ask me for tickets to the Superbowl?!”

Feeny: New assignment! Come up with Superbowl tickets by the end of the week…..Mrs. Topanga!-I have an assignment for you too! Butt out of other people’s lives for one week. Otherwise, you get an “F”.  (she can’t help them)

Topanga: But I’ve never failed before!

Feeny: There’s a first time for everything. …And as for you Mr. (Cory) Matthews, since you feel so responsible for their fate, I have put their fate in your hands. Their success is your success; but if either of them fails, so do you.


Next scene: Silent Topanga

it cuts to the trio sitting around the kitchen table, brainstorming how to do this impossible assignment. The radio is playing in the background as Shawn and Cory come up with ridiculous ideas. The DJ announces a contest: call in for a chance to win tickets to the Superbowl! But only Topanga hears it. She frustratingly blares the radio in their ears, mimes the words, and even jumps on Cory’s back to get them to understand. It goes against everything in her nature not to yell outright it in their stupid, oblivious faces. She wants to help so bad; it’s killing her. She’s not good at suggesting; she’s good at telling people how it is. The boys finally hear it (without listening to Topanga), call in, and find out they’re the lucky caller!

Shawn (on the phone) : “Wait?! I have to do what now?!”


Next scene:  “He’s not going anywhere soon.”

Shawn, with a few others sitting on top of a billboard. One man is rolling by on a stretcher, being treated for hypothermia. A radio station is broadcasting live, from the street below the billboard. They’re holding a contest: whoever can stay up there the longest wins.

[By the way, it’s REALLY cold outside, where this takes place in Philadelphia’s winter.]

There are only 3 people left. Cory brings up some hot chocolate to his best friend, which Shawn gleefully taunts the other contestant with. Shawn drinks it in front of him and the man gives up. \

Only 2 left.

This “Eskimo”  isn’t moving anywhere soon.

This is Shawn’s only chance, and it is fading fast. It’s this or nothing, but obviously he can’t outlast the other guy. All options are exhausted. He sighs,

I thought I had a chance…..but

There’s always going to be an Eskimo standing in my way, isn’t there Cory?

As Shawn climbs down from the billboard, he mutters, “This whole thing was impossible.” Cory then says to himself, “Feeny knew that!”….

The trio returns to the classroom, saying they’ve “got it all figured out”.

“It was never about Superbowl tickets.”

Feeny: It wasn’t?

“Even though something is impossible, we still should have tried, because that’s all you ever wanted. You wanted us to try….even though it’s our senior year and there’s nothing left for us to learn.”

They think they’ve learned the “lesson” Feeny was teaching, as we (the viewers) are tricked into believing this is the moral of the story, nicely wrapped up– like every episode.


Feeny: Where are the Superbowl tickets?………

(serious pause)

Get the tickets, OR fail.


Next scene: “People like me”


In this clip, we find the climax of the story: After some searching, Cory and Topanga find Shawn, sitting alone, on top of the Billboard, thinking.

After they climb up, he blurts out, “Whenever I’ve wanted anything in my life, there’s always been an Eskimo standing in my way.”

He tells them about not being able to go to summer camp, like Cory did, and growing up in a trailer park, instead of a real house. These are basic examples for something that’s obviously a repeated theme in the story of his life.

Shawn suddenly stands up. “Well I’m going to the Superbowl!”  (Meaning, he’s literally going to find a way to San Diego, hitchhiking etc.)

Cory jumps on his feet too now, pleading with him not to go. “How?! You don’t have tickets. You don’t have a way of getting there.”

Shawn, with clear eyes and an unwavering voice declares, “Cory, people like me don’t go anywhere because they don’t believe they can get there. I’m my own worst Eskimo….If I don’t go, I’ll never go anywhere… Now be my best friend and get out of my way.”


Next scene: The grade

As Cory walks back into the classroom with Topanga, he says, “Mr. Feeny, I’ve failed you……..He was going to do this one on his own, no matter what.”

Feeny: Oh?…He said that? Those words?

“I guess I failed you on this one, huh?”

Feeny: On the contrary, you passed with flying colors.

…Cory, Shawn isn’t going to college and succeed because you want him to. He has to want to and believe that he can. You need to know that you won’t always be able to [help].

….Life is a lot tougher than school my dears.

‘In the final clip, everybody is watching the Superbowl at a restaurant.  Suddenly, Mr. Matthews jumps up and excitedly points out Shawn on TV, in the crowd. Feeny says to him, “How do you know?”

Because he’s holding up a sign: Hey Feeny, nothing’s impossible.


The Breakdown: My Thoughts and Questions about the Episode

Shawn learns the actual lesson, the most important one, though there are many to be gleaned here. He discovers the one we pass up oh-so-often in life, looking for a more neatly wrapped package. We want easy, simple answers, with rules, helpful hints and guidelines, along with a definite grading system.

Well life is a lot more complicated than school my dears.

Too often we stop at the first twist of the story, believing the lie that it’s okay to give up. As long as you “tried”. Whatever the hell that means.

It was mistranslated in our work-driven culture through the past generations, leading up until now. As I so similarly mentioned in my “Motionless Vagabonds” post, there are two ways to fail: from never trying or from succeeding at things which really don’t matter.

Somewhere along the way we started believing in the “As long as I just show up….” mentality

along with the “attempt the impossible” mindset….which doesn’t worry about actually succeeding in the reality of the situation.

It’s hard for us to envision the end goal, if we never believed it was possible anyways. We end up attempting short-sighted quick-fixes and frustratedly dragging our feet without purpose; We give up before we start.

Now, I could be wrong (and we’ll leave room for that), but what I gained from this story is not that some things are impossible….but we should still give it our darndest–oh well if we fail; some things are impossible; A for effort.

I think the question it asks is “What do you call ‘impossible’?

Better yet, is the word “impossible” just an excuse you tell yourself? I’m not saying that “trying” isn’t good enough; don’t misunderstand me. I think it’s the point.

Let me put it this way: nothing can be finalized, written in stone as “impossible” until the point at which we give up. Even if it’s whimsical, it doesn’t matter; it cannot be defined as such while you are still trying to prove it wrong.

Maybe if we completely redefined “possible,” drawing it’s circle much larger (maybe even all-encompassing) it would make us reconsider how far our “effort,” or action should go before giving up


Feeny learns to let go, as they will be graduating soon and he will not be able to teach them any further. This is the last lesson, if you will.

Oh, and by the way, Topanga fails. Yup. Because she must learn that perfection not the point. Topanga, who has never gotten an “F” before, realizes the assignment wasn’t about her speaking up, but her always trying to obsessively control the outcome. As Cory learned the opposite, she found there is a time and place when she indeed should be speaking up, regardless of the looming consequences (the “F”). If you dig deeper there’s a lesson about priorities in here and not letting the goal hypnotize you into trampling all the people along the way, thus defeating the purpose. Never trying may ruin you, but so will comparing yourself to perfection.

And speaking of a “time and place for everything,” some of us fall into each of these roles at some point in our life. Or maybe we just “put on different hats” at certain times, with certain friends.

Sometimes, we’re Feeny, the “jerk” or “teacher,” yelling hard truths and teaching the tough lessons when it isn’t popular. They may not see  how it’s out of love yet, but it’s best way to motivate or help that “Shawn” succeed.

Whereas sometimes we need to just shut our mouth, like Cory. Even if they’re you’re very best friend, ultimately you can’t want it so bad for them that it magically happens. Cory won’t always be around to bail him out. Shawn has to take control of his life. Point blank.

Other times, like Topanga we should stop fearing the consequences for ourselves, if we volunteer to fight alongside them, and just speak up already.

But if your story is more like Shawn‘s….my hope for you is that you raise your banner high and show everyone watching, “Nothing is impossible.”


Here’s the episode, in its entirety. Enjoy!

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2012 for Dummies: An Apocalypse Can’t Stop the Music

If you’ve been living in an abandoned silo-bunker for the past year, preparing for the apocalypse, here’s what you should know:

Well, nothing happened on 12.12.12, except for a volley disappointed Grumpy-Cat memes and massive hangovers the next morning.  Of course, its a bummer for the southern folks who’ve bought out all the crossbows & assault weapons, but sorry folks, the zombies won’t be coming out to play anytime soon.

(It’s safe to resurface now, but don’t contact your real estate agent just yet. Those underground bomb-shelters are going for a steep price on the 2013 market, as the fiscal cliff loomingly approaches. Remember, my Alabama Slammer friends, those unused stockpiles of liquor and ammunition may come in handy if the apocalypse was just a military code-word for Operation Shit-Storm: world “peace” 2013.)

The Skinny on What You Missed

Nicky Minaj got weirder. And worse at singing. While gaining popularity. Yes, apparently that’s possible. Hail to the chief of ‘Merican reasoning.

And if that wasn’t proof enough Americans don’t listen to the lyrics, we made Psy’s “Gangam Style” the most watched video. ever. [Really? — ever?]

Skrillex is still pumping out beats only white kids can dance to. (hey, ya gotta give ’em somethin)

Carly Rae Jepson is still waiting for him to call her. Maybe. We’ve heard rumors, but we’re not sure.

Mumford & Sons made banjos the coolest instrument to learn. But no matter how hard you try, you will never be THAT cool.

Pitbull‘s still rapping about stuff…..which nobody can quite make out, except, MR. WORLDWIDE!, but everyone loves it.

People are still unsure of how to pronounce Gotye.

LMFAO is still being party-rocked to at numerous lame high-school parties around the world.

Nobody has yet to hear any other song by Foster The People, except “Pumped Up Kicks.” Kids, if you read this 20 years later, please don’t over-think it. They probably conspired with M.I.A. & their song “Paper Planes” to have a hipster duel. They take it to the streets to shoot it out.  In West Side Story fashion, that is.

Wiz Khalifa stopped making music altogether, focusing all his energy on smoking copious amounts of cannabis, pondering whether to grow out some dreads in unique Marley-esque fashion, and writing super-obscure, tween-loveable tweets.

Not to worry though; some things never change. Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, and Luke Bryan  are all still taking Chevys down dirt roads to the square dance, chuggin beer, balin’ hay, hittin’ on pretty lil’ thangs, watchin corn grow into whiskey, often at the same time……while gaining southern listeners. Need I further explain?

This previously mentioned cowboy hat-toting, country-rock blend excludes one melody of ingredients. This exception is the 30-some instrument-playing Hunter Hayes [Storm Warning]. At 21, playing more instruments than he is old, he’s not your average “country legend.”  In late 2011, while working at a country music station, I predicted him to be the rising star of 2012. He was not even on the Billboard map then, but I liked to play this game with my co-workers, “Who to watch for.” I told my boss he  had talent; he would get big someday and we should interview him. My boss laughed at me, as if I knew more than him. Well, his song “Wanted” was chosen as the #5 best country song by Billboard and had three Grammy nominations, winning “Best New Artist.” I only have one thing to say: Who’s the boss now?!!

You can still blow someone’s mind by telling them Lady Antebellum or The Band Perry isn’t a girl band.

The first boy band since Justin Timerberlake‘s acne days has surfaced atop the musical waters, from nowhere, with a brooding, pop-bromance vengeance: One Direction. Rumors are they spent billions of dollars producing their high-quality music video for the song “What Makes You Beautiful,” which somehow got voted “Most Share-worthy Video?? [I’m sorry. Forgot to say, “Insert sarcasm here] It’s truly the end of times people.

 Demi Lovato, looking all grown up now, has put her Barney days ( starring as Angela) behind her. But she hasn’t forgotten her upbringing altogether. When she’s not off starting a new philanthropic movement for kids, writing, or singing, or acting, {or being a semi-professional race-car driver/amateur tattoo artist?} she found time to accept her VMA award. That award was for her platinum single “Skyscraper”, the “Best Video with a Message” I guess old habits die hard. She was supposed to release the 1st single for her 2013 album in December, but she never did. So keep your eyes peeled….errrr ears tuned.

Taylor Swift cycled through another 3 or 4 boyfriends. Of course, that’s not really news to you. But we got the chart-grossing album “Red” out of it, which is impossible to even summarize. So I won’t. Enough has been said already. I think, after the majority of the songs in your album hit the Billboard Top 10, they should have to make a whole new award-category for you.

The woman-empowering, modern day powderpuff girl is the most likely, but least capable candidate to rule America one day.  And as long as Taylor Swift hasn’t gone through menopause, we’ll still have hope and love (albeit pessimistic)  in our life, for years to comeMere days after finishing her “Red” album, a barista mixed up her drink order. In other unrelated news, she’s writing a new song about coffee-shop romance gone bad. Expect an album in 2013.

Lady Gaga showed up to the VMA’s this time as her male alter ego – Jo Calderone. Seriously. Since last year’s “f*****g meat-dress” was too tame a wardrobe choice. Ah yes, teaching boys and girls around the world to “be themselves.” And by be yourself, she means “be anything but you.”  Now, I’m no psychiatrist, but I think this is less of “Jo” coming out, and more of “Gaga’s”  high school insecurities, from which she apparently never graduated.


When she’s not getting kicked out of Gaga-indifferent countries along her “Born This Way” world- tour & working on her new 2013 album “ARTPOP,” she’s been working on a collaborative album with the classy and reserved Tony Bennett. Well if that’s not split-personality for you, I don’t know what its. She’s also acting in some upcoming movies and starring in Terry Richardson’s documentary about her life. No doubt, 2012 is the calm before the storm, as this woman prepares to take over pop-culture with the odd-ocalypse.

Adele’s still singing whiny songs to the tune of her 49 cat-producers at home, while finding time to lose the very weight she claims she didn’t need to earlier this year.  The nose-job was because she had a deviated septum, not because she wanted another shade of white; God knows the camera couldn’t handle that glare anyway.  Oh, and something about her being the 1st to have an album going 8 times platinum. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure something must be in the water. Mostly because she’s setting fire to it, somehow, and we’re all still drinking it up like rats in a beer pong maze.

In other news, I’m pretty sure Kanye still thinks he’s Jesus (throwing middle fingers to the world instead of forgiveness), although he didn’t turn over any tables at this year’s VMA awards. So Taylor Swift got to breathe a sigh of melo-dramatic relief. In fact he pulled out, altogether, from September’s show. I can’t say the same respect was extended to Kim Kardashian, who was the reason for this move. They sat on the sidelines this year, instead announcing to everyone the pregnancy of the dreaded beast, born too little too late for the apocalypse takeover: a Love Lockdown baby. Congrats Kanye, now you’re locked into writing Usher-esque, baby-daddy lyrics for the rest of your career.

    Our girl “Katy Perry”, the gospel artist formerly known as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, has too many awards to even read off. Most impressive though, is her ability to stay high on the charts, year round, even without an album out. Between her numerous hits from the same album [Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night, California Gurls, Firework, Peacock,The One That Got Away,  E.T.] her career isn’t in jeopardy, despite the fact that it will have been 3 years between albums. Her new one is rumored for summer ’13.

And although KP hasn’t put out a new album since “Teenage Dream,” she was somehow still nominated for “Video of the Year,” [2012] with her surprise summer single “Wide Awake.” And although she fell short of that winning that big title this year at the VMA’s, she scored the “Best Art Direction” trophy. No surprise there. She’s been an innovative, creative-junkie since the time of her Pentacostal days, secretly dancing and directing music videos in her bedroom. In fact, she co-released her own bio/concert-documentary movie in July, “Part of Me,” which was, surprisingly, one of the successful documentaries of all time.

I think we are all a bit intrigued by KP’s “born again” reference in “Wide Awake”. What to expect from the new album? Truly nobody knows. I think she’s trying to compete with Lady Gaga on the in-your-face lyrics and the weirdness/ fashionable scale.  Either way, for some odd reason I always want to go watch “The New Girl” every-time I look at her.


   It was a wild up & down ride for Rihanna this year, making history with her award-winning video “We Found Love,” a bold statement about closing the chapter on relationships gone wrong.  Then she got all sentimental and took a trip down memory lane, shacking back up with wife-beater-wearing Chris Brown. But hey, “Do as I say, not as I do,” right?” Her new album, ironically named “Unapologetic,”  debuted in November with the song “Diamonds,”  perhaps hinting at ‘ol Chris Beaty to make it up to her with some bling. I guess some people are just beyond help. Listen, I know the new album cover bares all of Rihanna’s vulnerabilities (aka body), proving the bruises are gone, but was this taken before or after the Brown re-bound? At any rate, you made Rihanna the most digitally downloaded artist, just in the U.S. alone.

While on the topic of hip-hop and new haircuts, I’ve decided to place “the Biebs” in this category. It’s not like America knows the difference anymore. It’s all pop-club-rap-rock anyways now.

    Like the kids on Boy Meets World (soon to become Girl Meets World in 2013), the whole world has watched him grow up. One CNN article put it best: “As a star birthed by YouTube and raised by Twitter, Justin Bieber has never had the luxury of growing up outside the public eye. In the two years between his breakout 2010 LP, “My World 2.0,” and “Believe,” his second proper full-length, Bieber has had to go through cultural puberty and actual puberty…”

This year, testosterone hit more than just Rihanna. Posting pictures of his abs and fresh tats, the Biebs has really proven himself to an aging tween audience, who is now growing into their large, adolescent ears. He has embraced the haircut and the voice change with a positive outlook, taking the opportunity to completely reinvent his sound and style.

And as much as I can’ wait for the CIA to roll out their best snipers and eliminate the threat to our hypnotized, mush-for-brains society, I have to hand it to him — it’s clear he’s worked hard to become the AMA Artist of the Year. America agrees, boosting numerous singles to the charts, such as:

Boyfriend, As Long As You Love Me, All Around the World, Thought of You

Usher, his mentor, who apparently has nowhere else to go with his career, has been introducing him to artists like Drake & Nicky Minaj. I think we all know how this story ends up. They made a movie about it in 2003 with Jamie Kennedy, called “Malibu’s Most Wanted. It’s about the white boy who….

Well, maybe it’s better if you just watch the trailer.




On that more humorous note ladies & gentlemen,

I wish you a Happy New Year.


[Keep the change ya filthy animal]

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