Hey Folks.

I’m just an adventurer who happens to write and take pictures of it.


This spring, I left my home, school, town, job, friends, and possessions, with only 1 class left to graduate college.

After working a crap job to save up, burnt out on damn near everything, scraping together the last bit of will and energy I had– I crawled towards the nearest road and lunged for it as I threw out my thumb like a flag of surrender.

And what do you know? I was picked up.

Since then, many have asked me: How did you get this far?

My name is David Reagan. And I am a nobody. Nobody famous or important or abnormally wise. Just the average kid who shares many of the same feelings you do. In this, I want to show you that you are not alone. And that if my least-likely to be president, workaholics-burnout, average-stamped ass can do it– then so can you.

So, how did I get this far? Well, one day at a time, one ride at a time. Much like my embarrassingly slow mountain-climbing skills, keep moving forward–even if it’s not much. Looking back, you’ll be surprised by how much ground you made along the way.  Just remember: don’t give up.


Currently traveling across America by foot, train, and hitch-hiking.

Living out of a backpack with nothing to my name, proving that we don’t need “stuff” to be content, or happy.

Reminding you not to just lie back and accept “that’s just the way it is”

Showing you that “impossible” is the dumbest word I can think of.  It’s only impossible once you’ve given up.

Learning to be okay with not “having it all figured out”.

Listening to the stories of the people I meet

Writing about the truths and myths of “Vintage America”

Letting your generosity slowly teach me how to love again

Rediscovering things I was once  passionate about, and finding new ones altogether.

Chasing after my dreams

Facing my fears

Searching for the “ideal” American town we all crave


Your life is a story.
So write it well. You only have one to write.
Make it interesting. Make it worth reading.
Ask yourself: Are you writing a narrative that casts you as the main character? Or someone/everyone else around you? Because if it’s not you, that’s just weird and something is seriously wrong.


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