Quick snapshot from the Smokie Mountains

Sorry for the lack of updates my friends.

I had hoped to be able to bring you along for my adventure, as I uploaded pictures and stories instantaneously (like I did the first week)

but unfortunately, my phone was stolen. And apparently, it’s harder than I thought to find a computer on the road. (This computer barely sustains the web browser and the   text  drags        behind    3       or 4    seconds.)

Townsend, TN

A quarter mile from where I slept last night at the entrance to the park.

A quarter mile from where I slept last night at the entrance to the park. Taken by “Charlie,” who (I gather) lives out of his truck now because he has lost everything, including his wife and daughter in a car crash by a drunk driver. He picked me up yesterday as the sun set, showed me the countryside, and told me about how he is continually impressed by the beauty of life, despite his rough circumstances.

I’ll be hiking the Appalachian trails for the next couple of days, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear from me (less than you already have this week haha)

I’m alive and well.

Not sure how else to describe it other than that. There are “good days and bad days,” like any struggle worth enduring. I’ve had amazing highs and frustrating lows, but in the end–I keep pressing on. That has made all the difference. Nothing will stop me. There is always a way.

Not everybody could do it, but I enjoy making an adventure out of the challenges every day.  Like a kid at heart, always, I have a blast blazing new trails and having excited, meaningful conversations as I go out of my way to meet new people. I get to share stories, listen to yours, find new reasons to be encouraged and enthusiastic, to love life, regardless of how crappy or exhausting the day may be.

And I guess those little moments make it worth the hard times. I like the look of surprise on your face, when I smile and ask how are you, instead of looking depressed, as is expected with most bums.

I’m truly sorry if you didn’t get to see this side of me, the true David, when we knew each other. It’s been a rough past year. I was hurt, depressed, and burnt out– to mention a few.

So, if you don’t recognize me when this is over, and feel frustrated or cheated, as if I didn’t care–know that’s not true.

If you feel like you don’t know me right now,

I’m not going to apologize.

Because I’m not doing this to make you happy, or appease your feelings. Though I really do love to include you in my adventure and hear your support (now)……


You can’t live your life around what others want for you. At some point you have to snatch that pen back from all those other voices who insist they know a better ending– one that’s safer, with characters to fit their storyline. If your life doesn’t have struggle or risk, you’re not doing anything worthwhile.



Be jealous for how beautiful this place is,

David in Tennessee

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2 thoughts on “Quick snapshot from the Smokie Mountains

  1. Staci Dillard

    Hey man, I know you don’t have the best access to things right now. But have you figured out things with your phone? I have a couple spares laying around and would be more than happy to share. Hit me up via facebook or email if you are able.

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